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Our Services

Daily medical services and preventive care -

Consultations with appointement help us to organize our work efficiently and to save your time as well. We are always reachable for owners of the animals registered in our practice.

Pet nutrition - recommendation and delivery of pet food

The choice of nutrition needs to be adapted to the age of the animal, its physical activity and health. Certain pathologies require a special diet. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


Identification of dogs by electronic chips is obligatory in Belgium. In 2012, electronic chips will become the only legal possibility for the identification of pets. When travelling with your cat or ferret, the identification by an electronic chip is also obligatory.


Surgery is necessary in some cases. We are capable to meet your animal’s needs in all kinds of elective, therapeutic or emergency surgery.


Every clinical case is evaluated individually and an appropriate protocol is chosen for the patient. For animals older than 8 years it is compulsory to undergo pre-operative tests to prevent to the greatest possible extent any eventual danger that can be caused by the metabolic deficiencies during the anaesthesia. Inhalation anaesthesia is performed with Isoflurane, which allows a fast recovery. Pulse-oxymeter and capnograph are used for monitoring during the anaesthesia. An intravenous catheter is also used for every patient. All the animals are waked up from the anaesthesia gently, in a comfortable and quiet environment. Post-operative care as well as the post-operative pain management is extremely important to us.

Dental care

The preventive veterinary dental care is of great importance for your pet. In fact, 60% of dogs, cats and ferrets older than 8 years need to be scaled. This procedure, like it is in case of humans, has to be repeated according to the individual needs of every animal.


We are equipped with a digital radiology system which permits us to establish quickly and efficiently the diagnosis of your pet. For the real-time visualization during the surgical interventions we have a scopy.


Our hospitalisation facilities are adapted to comply with the high hygienic and comfort criteria our patients require during an intensive care, recovery period after a surgical intervention and during medical observation.

Visit before acquiring your pet

Come to consult us before you get your pet. We can advice you on the appropriate races to fit to your family situation (disposable space of your flat or house, proximity of public green spaces, presence of children...) and to get you in contact with reliable breeders you can trust.


We are always available for our registered clients